Sandie Turner Watercolour and Mixed Media Artist.

My discovery of energies and frequencies residing in vibrant colour inspires me and if it’s bright and colourful, I get enjoyment and hope whoever views my pictures will also feel the projection of these positive energies that tend to glow from the image.

This has now developed within my paintings and my off-the-wall approach is to bring light, frequency and energy, with colour into all my art subjects.

MY LANDSCAPES are a loose interpretation of how I view the wonderful and inspiring countryside in Yorkshire and I try to interpret the various seasons in in colour.

THE ANIMALS are all individually named characters and as I paint and develop them on paper, their personalities start to surface and now these charming characters have been put into print on greeting cards with a little story about them on the reverse side of the cards.

THE FLOWERS  are a new subject which I have avoided in the past, as I felt they have a delicate nature and would not be conjusive to my way of painting. However, I have incorporated my loose interpretation and once again the vibrant colours and have thoroughly enjoyed painting this subject. These are also available now on greeting cards.